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= Future-proof power supply

Major challenges are confronting industry as a result of the energy revolution. As demand increases and the energy market shifts, ensuring a secure and economical supply of energy to the industrial infrastructure becomes even more complex and challenging.

The following are just some of the supplies essential to meet industry demands:

  • Process heat
  • Heating energy
  • Hot water processing
  • Power supply
  • Charging infrastructure / electric mobility
  • Logistics and industrial trucks

One key aspect of the industrial energy supply is ensuring that the supply is economical, affordable, and secure. Ensuring long-term site viability is another.

Future-proof, competitive, and sustainable.

Make your power supply future-proof

Industry demands solutions to secure and deliver power and heat requirements, to sustainably optimize energy consumption, and to maintain competitiveness.

Take the initiative now and benefit in 3 different ways:

Secure, economical and sustainable supply

We provide our customers with comprehensive support in their projects. From design to profitability calculations, we provide support in planning and developing customized concepts.

Upon request, we can serve as your first contact person for integration, installation, and full maintenance.

Can we get your energy supply ready for the future?

Secure ­energy supply for industry

The NEWTRON energy supply solution can be adapted to the many different requirements posed by industrial sites thanks to its modular design, which is made up of battery storage systems, heat accumulators, controllable power generation systems and a higher-level energy management system.

The modular battery storage system facilitates extensive optimization of energy consumption, along with extended functions like peak load capping and energy trading.

These services minimize energy purchasing costs, helping to significantly optimize operation.

The NEWTRON energy supply solution can also be applied or combined with extended services, like meeting backup and standby power requirements.
To do so, the design of the battery storage system and energy management are adjusted to the additional requirements.

The HEC3 management is the brain and the standardized interface to the energy components, which are monitored and energy flows are controlled according to demand. In addition, the HEC3 energy management system recognizes all latent energy requirements and inherently regulates the energy supply. In the process, additional functions such as peak shaving are realized or existing flexibilities on the electricity market are actively marketed.


Existing or planned renewable energy generation systems, like photovoltaic units, can easily be integrated into the intelligent controller of the HEC3.

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The NEWTRON can be operated with all energy sources, including hydrogen.

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The NEWTRON battery storage consists of state-of-the-art, safe lithium-iron-phosphate battery modules.

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Cogeneration systems or large heating pumps can be controlled to generate power.

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The most frequently used heat storage option are above-ground buffer storage systems. Excess heat is integrated into buffer storage systems or the local ­heating network.

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HEC3 is the intelligent controller that coordinates the flow­ of energy between producer­ and consumer­. It consists of:

  • System controller
  • Energy management
  • Visualization
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Flexible energy consumers include production systems, battery-operated vehicles and other devices that use heat and electricity.

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Process heat for drying systems, immersion baths, galvanization, painting systems and disinfection, etc.

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Achieve independence.
We can help you on your path to energy autonomy!

It’s high time
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