Decentralized, modern heat /
electricity­ generation­­

adapts to your needs

The NEWTRON is a flexible system for generating and using energy that can be adjusted to your individual requirements and expanded on a modular basis.

The components used to generate and store power and heat for your company – in the building, on facility grounds and for e-mobility services – are linked together via intelligent technology.

This technology ensures, via efficient management, no energy is lost. The stores are only tapped into if the system produces less, for instance using photovoltaics, than is currently needed.

An autonomous storage system quickly pays off, especially during times when energy is more expensive to purchase.

­The high-efficiency energy ­solution perfectly suited to you and your project.

Energy ­situation – today and tomorrow

Renewable energy sources are great, but they are not reliable enough on their own! Because of this, it makes sense to invest in renewable resources with a suitable energy storage system. Our system is scalable, so it can be adapted to the needs of your network.

NEWTRON quadrants model

In-house requirements

User-specific applications


Market-oriented applications

Peak load ­capping

Unforeseen expensive peak loads, caused for instance by­ quick­ charging­ of electric vehicles, are capped by the NEWTRON and regulated to a target level (peak shaving).

Network­ stabilization

Ensuring a renewable energy supply that remains reliable into the future requires network services to stabilize the network in a flexible way in case of power shortfalls or excesses (regulating power).

Optimized ­in-house­ consumption ratio

Using capacities in-house increases the in-house consumption ratio, reduces the power purchased externally, and offers an economical continued use for renewable energy systems that fall outside of the EEG levy.

Marketing energy ­flexibility

The NEWTRON markets unused capacities on the spot market (inter-day and day-ahead trading).  

User-specific applications

In-house requirements

Market-oriented applications


Contribution to ­profitability through multi-use

The focus is on the economic efficiency of your power supply. Each individual function of the NEWTRON contributes to its overall profitability, so the NEWTRON is configured for multi-use utilization.

User-specific functions

In-house consumption ­optimization, peak load­ capping, load­ transfer Generating supply for electric mobility

Market-oriented functions

Spot market trading, providing ­regulating­ power


Current free measures for network ­stabilization, such as black start capability

Profitably optimize the CO2 footprint of your power supply

Peak load ­capping and load­ transfer

The innovative system caps high consumption ­peaks, minimizing expensive external energy purchases. Peak loads result in increased service rates, as well as increased electricity prices.

Increasing independence

Optimizing the internal consumption ­ratio and increasing storage­ flexibility helps improve the economic efficiency and autonomy of the local power supply.

Energy ­marketing

The NEWTRON markets urgently needed network services to stabilize the power grid, further boosting profitability.

High-efficiency energy production via a cogeneration unit reduces CO2 emissions per kilowatt hours by up to 20 %, compared to traditional heat and power generation. Driven by renewable energy sources, in combination with renewable energy carriers like green gas (such as bio-methane or green hydrogen), the NEWTRON can ensure a 100% CO2 neutral supply of heat and electricity.

The system is also designed to use only hydrogen to generate heat and power (H2 ready) as hydrogen becomes further industrialized.

Your custom NEWTRON power supply will sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions factor of the European electricity mix by using heat pumps or cogeneration plants, for instance. By providing heat using renewable sources, the NEWTRON is already making a significant contribution to reduce CO2 in the heating sector.

Energy ­storage

­Power storage ­technologies based on lithium-ion batteries, and heat storage buffers are used, in appropriately designed sizes and capacities.

Connecting renewable energy producers

The NEWTRON connects existing or planned energy ­producers like photovoltaic­ systems for a coordinated energy ­supply.


E-charging stations can be integrated and supplied as needed as either slow or quick charging points.

Cogeneration technology with green gas

Highly efficient, decentralized power and heat generation via a cogeneration plant.

Power to heat

Use of heat pumps to generate heat.

Supply ­reliability

The NEWTRON and its HEC3 intelligence increase autonomy, so you can continue to supply important equipment even in case of a power outage.

It's high time
to stop wasting energy!

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