Turning wastewater to energy, powered by NEWTRON

Solutions for ­wastewater ­treatment plant operators

Supply ­reliability

Optimizing internal ­consumption­

Intelligent load­ transfer

Black out start option (isolated operation)

Integrating ­cloud­ data

= Maximum autonomy

Wastewater treatment plant operators face major challenges today. Wastewater treatment plants are considered critical infrastructure. They must ensure reliable and economical operation. This includes collecting wastewater and cleaning it with guaranteed discharge measurement limits. To do so, it is essential to have a reliable power supply available at all times, and at an economical price. This can be achieved with the NEWTRON system.

In addition to a classic cogeneration system operated with sewage gas, a battery storage system is available as an auxiliary energy source. The following are just some of the operating modes that can be implemented:

  • Battery charging during off-peak operation when there is an excess of sewage gas (torch operation)
  • Battery charging when electricity prices are low to optimize in-house consumption
  • Battery discharging to optimize in-house consumption when sewage gas stores are low
  • PtH (Power to Heat) to use heat when sewage gas stores are low
  • Sole emergency operation via the battery system when the public supply experiences an outage
  • Parallel emergency operation with a cogeneration unit if the public supply experiences an outage
  • Peak load capping via the battery system

Cloud data can be used to manage the delivery of energy by the cogeneration system and battery so as to ensure sufficient energy for peak load operation of the treatment system, for instance if there is rain in the forecast.

Existing buffer storage systems are integrated in a heating concept, while existing PV systems are included in the energy balance for marketing and optimizing in-house requirements.

Achieving 100 % autonomy together- future-proof and independent


Wastewater system operators need solutions to ensure and provide their electricity and heat requirements and to optimize in-house needs.

Take the initiative now and benefit in 3 different ways:


We provide our customers with comprehensive support in their projects. From design to profitability calculations, we provide support in planning and developing customized concepts.

Upon request, we can serve as your first contact person for integration, installation, and full maintenance.

Can we get your energy supply ready for the future?

Needs-­based supply­

Flexibility is synchronized with requirements through digital networking and intelligent energy distribution management.

NEWTRON provides comprehensive and complementary management for your power supply. This ensures the supply of heat and power for your energy requirements, such as for buildings systems, pumps, etc.

All energy requirements are monitored comprehensively and supplied by a comprehensive and automated energy system. NEWTRON combines in-house power generation with a photovoltaic or biogas system with suitable, grid-supported components and intelligent power storage.

This allows you to achieve a cost-optimized, greenhouse gas-neutral power supply and expand your site in a future-proof manner.

We support you from the design of your custom NEWTRON energy solution based on a real data simulation, through implementation to the usage phase.

The HEC3 management is the brain and the standardized interface to the energy components, which are monitored and energy flows are controlled according to demand. In addition, the HEC3 energy management system recognizes all latent energy requirements and inherently regulates the energy supply. In the process, additional functions such as peak shaving are realized or existing flexibilities on the electricity market are actively marketed.


Existing or planned renewable energy generation systems, like photovoltaic units, can easily be integrated into the intelligent controller of the HEC3.

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The NEWTRON can also work exclusively using renewable energy sources and free from fossil fuels, for instance with a municipal biogas cogeneration unit.

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The NEWTRON battery storage consists of state-of-the-art, safe lithium-iron-phosphate battery modules.

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The existing cogeneration unit can be used as a flexible energy producer.

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The most frequently used heat storage option are above-ground buffer storage systems. Excess heat is integrated into buffer storage systems or the local ­heating network.

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HEC3 is the intelligent controller that coordinates the flow­ of energy between producer­ and consumer­. It consists of:

  • System controller
  • Energy management
  • Visualisation
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Flexible energy consumers include municipal facilities such as charging stations, swimming pools, public buildings, local heating networks, and heat and power supply systems. They temporarily draw energy from the NEWTRON.

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Adjacent buildings and housing developments are supplied flexibly with heat or cold.

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Achieve independence.
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Each distribution network has an individual structure, and is characterized by highly specific factors.
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