The NEWTRON Light storage ­system

NEWTRON Light is a comprehensive storage system that is suitable for container and building solutions. The battery system of the NEWTRON Light consists of lithium iron phosphate NEWTRON battery modules (NBM) that are certified in accordance with UN38.3/IEC 62281. In addition, NEWTRON Light has an independent inverter system that facilitates secure and efficient AC/DC conversion. The charge/discharge controller ensures a seamless interaction between the inverter(s) and battery system.

The storage ­system consists of

51.2NBM200 (battery module)

1. Battery system

Battery module

The NEWTRON battery module is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) with a rated DC voltage of 51.2 VDC and a rated capacity of 200 Ah. In addition, the NBM offers a 1C rate.

BMS (battery ­management­ system)

The battery management system (BMS) measures the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) of the battery system.

In addition, the BMS offers protection through targeted heat management of the battery module, and is equipped with an error diagnostic alarm that is displayed via an
information monitor.

  • Supervision of battery working conditions and monitoring
  • Determining the SoC / SoH
  • Monitoring charging and discharging functions
  • Thermal monitoring of the individual cells
  • Error monitoring and diagnostic monitor
  • Informational display
  • Monitoring equipment for safe operation of the
    battery storage system

Battery cabinet

The battery system is offered in a compact cabinet system perfectly tailored to the battery module, to offer safety while taking up the least possible space.


2. Inverter system

The inverter is a three-phase battery inverter for all kinds of storage applications. The inverter is certified in accordance with VDE-AR-N-4105:2018/VDE-AR-N-4110:2018.

Primary features

  • Integrated control card
  • Protective system
  • Surge protection
  • DC & AC circuit breaker
  • Insulation monitor
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Internal data logger
  • DC precharging circuit
  • Grid stabilization
  • Provision of reactive power
  • Cooling system
  • Communication via Modbus TCP


  • Isolated mode
  • Touch display

3. CDC

The CDC is the control system that facilitates communication between the inverter system and battery management system. The CDC regulates safe charging and discharging of the battery system. The CDC also acts as an interface for an higher-level controller that uses Modbus TCP as the communication protocol. An operating interface also facilitates manual charging and discharging of the battery storage system.

NEWTRON battery module (NBM)
and cabinet specifications

Our NEWTRON Light is offered in 3 variants (Small NL-S-133, Medium NL-M-266 & Large NL-L-399). The number of installed NBMs and rated power of the inverter increase with each configuration. The following table highlights key technical data:

Battery module Battery system
Type No. 51,2NBM200 NL-S-133 NL-M-266 NL-L-399
Number of NBMs Units 13 26 39
Cell capacity Ah 200 200 400 600
Gross energy content kWh 10,24 133 266 399
Rated voltage 51,2 666
Cutoff ­voltage­ 44,8 583
End of charging ­voltage­ 57,6 749
Dimensions (W×H×D) mm 400×602×265 1000×650×2130 2000×650×2130 3000×650×2130
Weight kg 89 1521 3042 4563
C rate C 1 1 1 1
Operating temperature ­range °C +20 bis +30
Recommended DoD % 80%
Cycles 6000@ 80 SoH*
Guaranteed calendar service life > 5 years
Thermal ­power loss kW 0,38 5 10 14

As of: July 2023

*6000 cycles or 5 years, whichever comes first, guaranteed with an SoH (State of Health) of 80%.


Inverter­ NL-S-133 NL-M-266 NL-L-399
Rated­ power 126 kW 252 kW 379 kW
AC rated­ power 400V 3AC
DC voltage­ range 450 ... 890 VDC
Dimensions­­ (W×H×D) 1409 × 846 × 1906 mm 1409 × 846 × 1906 mm 2818 × 846 × 1906 mm
Weight in kg 1600 Kg 1600 Kg 1600 Kg

As of: July 2023

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