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In a number of nationally realized projects, the NEWTRON was able to prove its reliability, safety and economic efficiency. The NEWTRON not only helps to advance the energy transition, but also to ensure a reliable power supply. Especially in the demanding industrial and commercial segment it finds its field of application to use energy more efficiently and to save electricity costs.

We have compiled a selection of projects implemented by our NEWTRON team or our group partners for you here.

NEWTRON in Brilon
Electric charging station with NEWTRON
controller and PV system!

Centrotherm Systemtechnik constructed a publicly accessible charging station at its site in Brilon with 300 kW total power, divided into two quick charging points with 150 kW charging power each. The Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC 300 is used for the quick charging points.

The power required for the charging process comes exclusively from renewable energy sources.

NEWTRON battery system as buffer storage

A modular NEWTRON battery system from Wolf Power Systems is used as the buffer storage. The NEWTRON has an energy capacity of at least 240 kWh with Li-Fe-Po battery modules and an inverter capacity of 360kVA.

The battery cells work with a power coefficient of 2C, so that the 300kW charge power can be supplied on the vehicle side by the buffer battery, without loading the grid connection.

The NEWTRON energy management system facilitates intelligent energy and charge management, and makes it possible to control the different components of the hybrid system.

A control cabinet with the NEWTRON energy management system is integrated with sufficient outgoing feeder panels for the quick charging points. The controller electronics integrated in the low voltage main distribution board control and visualize energy loads and energy sources at the site in an intelligent way.

The energy system ensures a voltage range of up to 1,000 volts at each DC charging point. The rated charging capacity is measured based on a maximum grid capacity of 430 volts and a maximum charge current of 466 amperes. A charging capacity of 300 kW is still available at the charging point on the DC side, even at 1,000 volts.

Both the energy management system and the charging points are equipped with a remote monitoring system. All relevant system components are connected to the Centrotherm Systemtechnik building management system. All relevant process data is collected in the building management system and recorded on a long-term basis. In addition to billing via the back end, a credit card terminal is also integrated into the system.

Charging station
with all modern standards

Charging is available via secure and certified smart cards, card reader devices and secure smartphone apps, secure authentication and billing options in accordance with ISO/IEC 15118 and the secure connection to a communication network via a smart meter gateway.

Roaming ensures that contractual partners of other providers of vehicle power and auxiliary services can find the location, view the dynamic occupancy status, and start and pay for charging processes.

All other technical requirements for contract-based charging, authentication, and roaming under the Charging Infrastructure Funding Guidelines are also fulfilled.

Overview of functions and performance

The model describes the function and current feed from the public grid and the connected photovoltaic system. The current battery charge level and draw or sale are also displayed.


Current draw
from the
energy storage

360 kW

1 of 4

Current draw
from the
photovoltaic roof

22 kW

2 of 4

Current draw
from the
supply grid

120 kW

3 of 4

The accumulated
total output
of the NEWTRON
photovoltaic roof

120 kW

4 of 4

Our regional contact persons will be happy to advise you on your options for generating, storing, and delivering energy independently with the NEWTRON

Wolfhagen prototypes

Wolf Power Systems Kassel location

Objective and use

  • Needs-based supply of heat and power to a production area for in-house use
  • Installation of charging points for company vehicles and customers with 1 x 22 kW and 1 x 75 kW (manufacturers Keba and IES)
  • Avoiding expanding the network and predictable costs result in a ROI of 3.2 years
  • CO2 footprint reduced by 16.24 t (compared to regular power mix)
  • Integration of a 30 kW lithium-ion buffer battery
  • Connection of renewable energy generation: PV system
  • User-specific functions with peak load capping and ongoing optimization of energy consumption
  • Market-specific functions implemented with spot market trading

Specific application

Cogeneration plant

20 kW
electric power

45,70 kW
thermal output


30 kW

30 kWH
lithium-polymer battery

Charging ­infrastructure

2 x charging columns type 2
(optional CCS or
CHAdeMO standard)

22 / 75 kW
maximum charging power


Energy management controller (HEC3)
Intelligent link between cogeneration controller and charge management
Total ­energy­management for property

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