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VPH GmbH & Co. KG


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Wholesale for Paper, Print, Office & Packaging


1964 (as the former Vereinigte Papiergroßhandlungen GmbH & Co. KG)

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Company of the IGEPA Group (founded in 1901, 81 locations in 29 countries, 3500 employees, 50,000 customers)

VPH GmbH & Co. KG in Hemmingen, as a company of the IGEPA Group, is one of the largest international distributors in the field of materials, media and machinery required for the production of print and advertising products.

The VPH is equipped with a Wolf GTK 140 E01 CHP unit with a thermal output of 216.2 kW and an electrical output of 140 kW, as well as the NEWTRON intelligence HEC3. HEC3 is a smart software and hardware solution that optimises plant systems competently, consistently and constantly.

The additional investment of CHP, buffer storage and HEC3 intelligence will be fully amortised after only about 2.5 years. Not only the operator can be happy, but also the environment:

The balance of CO2 emissions is already clearly positive from the first year. The new components save 243.64 t of CO2 per year. That means 2,436.4 t CO2 savings in ten years.

The facility
at a glance

The facility at a glance

Units: CHP model GTK 140 E01, 2x special buffer tanks each with a volume of 4,500 ltr, HEC3 Intelligence

Capacity: thermal 216.2 kW, electrical 140 kW

Economic efficiency calculation

Amortisation: 2.5 years

Life cycle assessment: 2,436.4 tonnes in ten years

World market leader switches to HEC3 energy management system from Wolf Power Systems

Quality and know-how as a long-term guarantee of success

“In order to reduce their own energy requirements through sustainable optimisations, the specialist department vph-Energie was founded a few years ago. As a specialist in LED lighting & energy technology for industry and commerce, they have made a name for themselves with customised consulting concepts and quality products exclusively from Germany,” says Vph Division Manager Matthias Wöhrmann.


Division Manager
Light and power engineering

“Together with the customer, our team of experts takes stock and advises on everything one wants and needs to know about light, photovoltaics and electromobility. vph Energie is also the first point of contact for questions about savings and financing options,” says Vph expert Patrick Dienelt.


Electrical engineer
Light and power engineering

In the search for a partner who could implement the ambitious project accordingly, the “know-how” and competence of Wolf Power Systems GmbH (WPS for short) with its HEC3 was specifically relied upon.

In addition, the decision of Vph’s managing director, Mr. Stephan Krauss, to operate the WPS CHP with ECO gas had a positive effect on the project and further underlined the intention to achieve a climate-neutral target.

“The project has brought us a saving of 30 % gas in a very short time through the combination of CHP and HEC3, thus sustainably improving the savings potential,” says P. Dienelt.

Achieve independence.
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